The forex market movement

Why does the forex market move ? Every trader seems ask this question when he watch his charts and wonder why this market move upward or downward from point A for example to point B, the answer is the imbalance between buyers and sellers getting this market in a specified period. the market is moving upwards in the case we have more demands than supply and the opposite is true…

December 26, 2016

When is the best time for trading at Forex?

How to decided when is the best time for trading at Forex if each session has its own unique characteristics? Let’s examine characteristics of each session and determine if there is the best time to trade on Forex. As you know, demand for the national currency increases at the opening of the trading session in this country. For example, trading volume in the yen increases during the Asian session because…

November 5, 2016

Things You Should Know About Forex Trading

How difficult is it to make money trading the Forex market? How much time does it take to actually be able to make a living trading the Forex market? These and other important aspects of trading are to be discussed in this article. Trading the Forex market has many benefits over other financial markets. Among the most important are superior liquidity, 24 hour market, better execution, and others. Traders and…

November 17, 2015